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Spicy Grilled Steak

by ScottG. on July 19, 2013

You don't have to suppress your inner carnivore to stay healthy. Eating appropriately-sized portions of less fatty cuts of beef (like this spicy rubbed sirloin steak) can fit into any healthy diet!

Beef often gets a bad rap in the nutrition world. While even lean cuts of beef have more fat and saturated fats than other lean proteins, beef is higher in vitamin B12, iron and potassium than chicken breast and lean pork tenderloin. Besides, how much chicken and fish can a person eat?


Myth #1 - Crunches Burn Belly Fat

by ScottG. on July 16, 2013

While washboard abs are desired by most, many people go about them the wrong way. One of the most common fitness myths is that core exercises (most commonly crunches) are all you need to get washboard abs. While core exercises are definitely needed to add build your core, you'll never see those abs without burning fat.


Inspiring Member June from our San Carlos, CA

by Andrea S. on July 15, 2013

Everyone meet June! An inspiring member from our 24 Hour Fitness - San Carlos, CA location. June is 90 years young and still going strong! Her favorite class? Turbo Kickboxing! Here is her story.


Go Fish!

by ScottG. on July 9, 2013

Fish is an excellent source of lean protein and heart-healthy fats. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends that Americans eat fish at least two times per week.

If you chose more fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna, etc. you're doing even better! Fattier fish offer more omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to lower your risk for heart disease.


Curried Shrimp Skewers

by ScottG. on July 5, 2013

Ditch the boring burger and grill up these healthy shrimp skewers for your next BBQ! For a tasty side dish, skip the shrimp and skewer on more veggies.

You can use any veggies you like - mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, etc. are great choices. Just make sure all the veggies are similar sizes so they'll good evenly.