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Is Personal Training right for you? If you would like to get a sneak preview before you make your decision, request a free fitness evaluation on your next visit to your 24 Hour Fitness club. You’ll get to meet a personal trainer, and you’ll gain a better understanding of what to expect from your personal training program. If you’re already convinced that Personal Training can help you meet your fitness goals, you can buy sessions online. You’ll be able to select either 25 or 50-minute sessions, and you can work one-on-one with your trainer or share your session with a partner. No matter how busy your life may be, our trainers will work with you to fit intense fitness sessions into your schedule each week.
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For more than 24 years, 24 Hour Fitness has given ordinary people the tools, coaching, and positive motivation they need to reach their workout goals. Our expert personal trainers have helped people drop extra pounds, shed extra dress sizes, dramatically reduce their body fat, restore their confidence, and turn their lives around. Each success has its own story. We present a few here for your inspiration.
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24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make your fitness training goals a reality. They’re trained in the latest exercise techniques and nutrition research, bringing fresh concepts and faster results to your fitness training program. And every 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer goes through a rigorous certification process as well as ongoing education courses to ensure they’re capable of delivering high-quality programs and services. You can build a relationship with your certified Personal Trainer over time because all of our trainers are 24 Hour Fitness employees and team members at your club. They will maintain a vested interest in your long-term success. And they’ll be there to provide the motivation and encouragement you need – whether you’re in a slump or speeding towards your goals.